Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The long summer is over and we are back on the water. Heres a few pictures of fish coming ovt at the moment.

11kg (24lb) Comizo Barbel

French lads 
Three' Flashmer Team' anglers visited, despite the hard weather conditions they banked a load of fish from various venues to different methods, even stalking....

The Dutch lads

Thomas Sintobin and Michael Lambgert were back again, they can´t get enough of Extremadura. This time brought friends Debaes Bart and Danny Geysen. Last time were over in winter, this time a bit warmer but wetter and they wanted to target Black-Bass.
Bart has written an 8 part article on the top Dutch site totalfishing.nl
Thomas Sintobin has also written an article about the area again and it published in a leading magazine soon.
Great lads, look forward to your next visit.

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