Monday, 23 February 2015

Providing the perfect service

Researching the huge lakes

We are currently researching suitable fishing areas for groups, there's a lot of work to do as we need to have easy access to productive areas. Its different for our own personal fishing, our 13 years experience of guiding tells us this.

We have to have many options of areas to fish in the different lakes, obviously depending on the target species, fish behaviour throughout the seasons, even in relation to the weather conditions when guests are here. Thus we need to have dozens of areas available to us just for a few days fishing, and what's more we need to know the depths, features and fish holding areas in all these areas.  Luckily Craig has fished most of the lakes around here and knows them like the back of his hand, but we still have to 'map' the areas and know all the features, snags and most importantly where the fish hold up. 

Top anglers visit us in Extremadura

Part of Tom Sintobin's article on Predator fishing in Extremadura is live on the website. 
Tom was over fishing with us in January, he and his friend Maikel,and they have a great experience to tell, read about it via the following links.