Sunday, 20 August 2017

Will be back fishing soon ... Pike fishing.

Summer Break

It will soon be time to get back on the lakes; the temperature is set to drop around 10 degrees next week. 

Obviously with temperatures of 38 /39c it’s not ideal to be on the lake in these conditions so we have been on our summer break.

It’s never really a rest as there’s always plenty to do preparing for our next season, even more so this year as we have a new 4 meter boat on order and we have to kit it out when it arrives. 

This 15hp boat will be available on a SELF-DRIVE basis as a licence to drive it is not required; it will have sonar mapping and detailed maps to help you navigate these awesome lakes.

Many of our guests opt for Bass and Barbel fishing, as do we, its fantastic fishing especially on the surface.  This however, means we don’t get a lot of Pike fishing in. 

So later this season, when the oxygen levels rise,  we have decided to target Pike on a more regular basis to show you the amazing pike fishing we have to offer here.   

Last week whilst a few hours barbel fishing in the morning, we came accross this dead pîke, exactly why we dont pike fish at the moment. 
Antonio wanted a picture of it, so consequently it took me hours to bleach the boat,  it was honking.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Barbel fishing on the lure Extremadura Spain

Barbel are very predatory here In Spain. 

The following video is just some footage from a mornings session on the boat with lures.